Sunday, 1 September 2013

Happy Sunday!

Morning All,
firstly I would like to say thanks to all of you for your comments and best wishes.  The house is dry (the sun does a marvellous job!) and apart from a couple of pillows and a duvet used to keep the water out nothing has been ruined!  With everything going on this week I haven't done any crafting since Monday!  This is very unusual for me and I have to admit that although the sun is shining my Craft room is calling.  For today I thought, as I have nothing Really New I would showcase a set of nearly ran's!  To me a nearly ran is  a card that I make, photograph, but don't post as there is something I just don't like.  Hopefully I'm being overcritical and you will enjoy my nearly ran's!

Above is a card made with Heartfelt Creations die borrowed from Wendy Next Door.

The card I made for my dad for fathers day made with Do'crafts chronology range.

This card I made to test out a new Big and Juicy ink pad I bought cheap on eBay!  The main image is DoCrafts.

This was a centre piece made for a wedding card for a friend.  I cant find a picture of the whole card which is probably why it Nearly Ran!

Simple stamped and coloured Sweet Pea stamp from Joanna Sheen, and finally (I hear you cry) a card that I feel is just too busy and bright!

Enjoy,  John x


  1. Hola John
    Your nearly rans are what I would be happy with as a ran lol!
    I think all of them are fab except the steampunk coggy one. . . . .sorry, steampunk is not my thing.
    Nowt wrong with busy and bright!
    Glad you're all dried now. Enjoy that Sun.
    Ang x

    btw, congratulations on the Hobbycutz gig!

  2. Hi John,
    I think we all make cards that we are not happy with but yours are fab, like Ang not a fan of steampunk so not keen on that one, but the rest are lovely. pleased you are all dried out.

  3. Hi John pleased to here not much was ruined and that your'e dried out, so to speak.

    What a great selection so cards, I would be happy with all of them, I particularily like the stamped ones, but unlike Ang I do like the steampunk one, in another much younger life I would have taken up their style. Have a lovely Sunday, Kate x

  4. A good selection but...............
    I like the 1st one, love the white one (I,ve just done a Christmas card similar to that), dont like the steampunk one, sort of OK on the yellow ones. Now I,m going to make my scrambled eggs!!!xxxxx

  5. Good Morning John I love the first card,the others are also lovely,It is not easy at times to make cards ,I seem to do it in spurts,and I need to make 2 cards this week .Hope my mojo will work.
    Enjoy Sunday

  6. Hi John. Glad your home is all dry again! I loke all of the cards. It's funny how others see them in a different light. Take care.

  7. John, sometimes it is good to leave a card alone for a while and then go back to them. You can be more objective when you look at them again with "fresh eyes". All the cards are good, like the other comments steam punk is not my thing but the card works well all the same. The first one needs something else with it - but don't know what. The last ones are bright and maybe would work better in a different shade of yellow. Glad to hear that you have dried out now. Janice x

  8. I think you are being over critical John so you need to rethink your put aside pile. I particularly like the last one as it would make a very good get well card reading the sentiment you have used. So, back to normal tomorrow now that you have dried out?? Best wishes Jackie

  9. nice cards John ,all very pretty cards and all appealing for different reasons.Laura O

  10. Hi John,
    Self-deprecating Sunday then?
    I would love to be able to make things as lovely as those which you consider unworthy!
    I'm not a steampunk fan but I really do like that big 'juicy' eBay stamp and the busy yellow ones are fun.
    Enjoy the rest of your happy Sunday.
    maggie x

  11. Have to agree with some others there is nothing wrong with your nearly ran ones at all. Although not a steampunk fan I can appreciate the artistic quality within its composition! So very nice all in all. Glad you are sorted again and perhaps can relax now.

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  12. Hi John. I like all the nearly rans and would be happy with all of them especially the last one but I must admit they're not up to your usual fantastic standard. I would describe them as good but yours are usually wowingly good, I think that's a great word I just made up.
    Don't particularly like steam punk either.
    Take care
    Love Val x

  13. Hi John
    Thank you for sharing all your cards. I did enjoy them, and particularly liked the first one. They show such a different range of styles. Glad you're sorted out now and with the prospect of some time in your craft room.
    Best wishes
    Anne O

  14. Wow John, a bumper pack of cards for us to see. Love the sentiment on the first one, and the paisley one too, as that shape is a fav. of mine. Must look to see if I can find a multi coloured stamp pad, it's very effective.

  15. Good evening John, absolutely nothing wrong with your cards from this side of the fence. BUT! I know exactly what you mean. No matter what people say if you don`t like them it will not make one blind bit of difference.

    Patricia x