Friday, 20 September 2013

Christmas Friday

Happy Friday...

Todays card is inspired and created using products supplied by Mrs Duck.  She posted a beautiful Christmas card made with Gilding Flakes, see it here...

When I was in the UK I met with Mi Poyco Pato (my little duck in Spanish) and apart from hours of laughter she gave me some of the beautiful paper she made the card with.  I made this card using the same technique however I used Sheffield steel glitter flakes and Flitter glue all from Indigoblu.

I know this is unusual for me but there is not one die cut anywhere on this card!  Firstly I stamped the bauble images using the glue system and gilded them using the flakes.  Next the edge of the image has been dipped in the glue and then in the gilding flakes.  This is matted on black card which has a border of the gilding flakes, like a frame surrounding the image.  This was created by using a very thin double sided tape simply dipped in the flakes.

If anyone is thinking of trying the gilding technique I would strongly suggest getting a starter set or as Mrs Duck did use a stamp and bond embossing powder.

The stamp I used was last years home for Christmas range from Do'crafts.  A simple card but effective and easy(ish) to make as a batch card.



  1. Beautiful card, those bauble stamps are great, and yes I have been brave enough to try gilding flakes!

  2. Morning John,
    Lovely card. I do like black card, makes the gilding flakes really stand out. Off to UK next week and they are on my shopping list.
    Happy Friday
    Maggie x

  3. Hi John
    A very pretty card. I love gilding flakes, especially the moment when the image emerges from the chaos of the leaves! Gilding the edges is a nice touch too.
    Best wishes
    Anne O

  4. Hi John. Love this card. I always think that gilding flakes always look stunning when used like this. Take care.

  5. Hola John . . . . . . .quack!
    Did wonder when that paper would make an appearance lol! It really sparkles in the right light. Hope to get more at the NEC.
    The baubles are fab and I love the frayed edge effect you have done.
    Love it!
    Have a great day!
    Ang x

  6. Hi John,
    A great card, I love gilding flakes they make such a statement on any project.

  7. Hi John. A really lovely card. So like the gilding flakes but haven't bought or tried them as yet.
    Love Val x

  8. Lovely card John, love the gilding flakes. Got loads of them, but never really got round to using them yet. lol Hugs, Jen x
    Krafty Keepsakes

  9. This is just so gorgeous John and beautifully made, Kate x

  10. Hi John

    Very impressive ,i bet it sparkles even more in real life .

    A very nice card and lovely baubles used

    Have a lovely weekend
    Elaine H X

  11. love gilding flakes only problem is they get everywhere.Laura O

  12. A lovely card John, like most of the comments above, I have used gilding flakes - love the result but not the mess !! Janice x

  13. Hi John,
    love this card. Great design.
    I have not tried gilding flakes yet, I would love to have a go, but don't own any yet. I have seen such lovely results on my friends blog, Mrs Duck, and now of course yours.
    Crafty regards. Jenny L.