Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Box Tutorial

Happy Tuesday!

Back on schedule today with another Tutorial on Tuesday, once again this is a picture heavy post I'm afraid!  This is for the box featured on Saturday, click HERE to view the original post.  As per usual I have made another example for this tutorial!

This example is made slightly larger and in blue and green using the same Inkpad and stamp set as yesterday.  The beautiful cameo on the tag is made by Ita and will soon be able to buy from her.  Ita's blog is HERE for more info.


1 sheet acetate
2 sheets PMD Cream card
Ribbon glue & Usual craft tools!

Firstly cut 3 Hexagons using whichever die set you choose, I used an X-cut one however Spellbinders do an excellent hexagon as well as other basic shapes.

Score a line 1cm in on each edge and fold in, next cut the overlap sections out, see picture for better explanation.  fold each side up and measure the length of the inside.  In my example this measurement is 4cm ( i.e. the outside measurement of the hexagon was 5cm, therefore when 1cm is folded in the inside is now 4cm.


Next cut a piece of acetate to the height you would like the box, in this example I have used 12cm.

now score the acetate along the length at 4cm intervals and fold. to create a strip with 6 sides.  Glue each of the outside folds of the hexagon and slowly, gluing as you go, fold the acetate around the outside of the shape.  this will create the basic of the box as shown in the next picture.

Next score a piece of cream card at 2cm along the length and fold.  Now measure the outside of the box and score down this strip at this measurement.  In my example this was 4.2cm.  Glue or tape this around the base leaving the fold at the very bottom, cut up to each edge and glue down the flap.

Make the lid in the same way without the acetate however the lid needs to be approx. 2mm larger on each side so that it fits comfortably.  It is very word heavy to explain the lid therefore I am hoping the following picture will help.

Finally decorate as you want I've used simple ribbon, floral die cuts and some stamped flowers.



  1. WOW John, this tutorial is superb! It's so clear and well described that I'm sure even I will be able to follow it, I'll try it out at the weekend when hopefully I will have a bit of time. I love today's box, the colours are super and the tag gorgeous~ Ita's cameo looks perfect there!
    Thanks once again for the inspiration.
    Take care, Maggie x

  2. I cant wait to try this but I have been up since 7ish re-organising my craft room. New shelving being delivered today so room all emptied out. See ya later. xxxx

  3. Absolutely brilliant John,
    You definitely are an "engineer" at heart
    I have. SB Die with lots of sides .... Not going to use that too many folds.
    Off to look for a Die to give this a go.
    Thank you for all the hard work, you are a gem!
    Have a fantastic day whatever you do

    Patricia x

  4. Morning John,
    This makes it look so easy, I'm sure it is not! I have a hexagon patchwork template which I will use instead, maybe not so neat a cut but I love to improvise. Looks like I will have to wait to have a try though. Air traffic control strike here today so my guest will not be going home as planned. Crafting off my schedule for another day - sigh!
    Thank you for the tutorial. Patricia calls you a gem,she is right - a diamond!
    Happy Tuesday
    Maggie x

  5. Hi John,
    You have given a great tutorial for your delightful box. Don't think I could do this just don't have the patience.

  6. Hi John. Great tutorial but as I've said in the past, patience is not one of my virtues sadly and all that cutting out makes me feel tired.
    What you could do John is cut out all the items and sell them in a pack. I'm sure you've got time!!!
    Getting back, its a beautiful, beautiful box and Ita's tag looks amazing and goes with it so well.

    Have a lovely day. Off to our one and only craft shop with Wendy later to spend, spend, spend.

    Love Val x

  7. Hi John. Another gorgeous box, and fab instructions that I will be attempting very soon. Take care.

  8. Hi John

    A great Tutorial ,and another beautiful box i will be giving this a go after i have finished a huge amount of Thank You Cards. Hope mine will look as good as yours ?

    Take Care

    Elaine H X

  9. Good morning John, thank you for taking the time to share this tutorial with us. The box you have made for today has lovely colours and Ita's cameo is so nice. I hope she is doing well. Best wishes Jackie

  10. great post today John,fab Box.Laura O

  11. Thanks John for the tutorial. Will have a go soon. Janice x

  12. Hola John
    Sorry Im late but I was at the shop today and then had a card and would you believe, a box to make.
    Thanks for the tutorial. Love the finished result and Ita's embellishment.
    If you hear from Ita, give her my best.
    Ang x