Saturday, 31 August 2013


Happy Saturday,

Sorry guys no new en-john-eering today as have ben mopping and drying out the apartment from the rain on Thursday night!  When it decides to rain over here it rains!  I can't complain as we haven't seen any decent rain since May! 

I feel quite bad as I haven't really used much of the new craft stash I bought in the U.K. nor shared it with you.  I don't know about you guys but whenever I buy new stash I seem to spend more time looking at it than actually using it!

Also Mr Next Door flew over this week so crafty time has been limited.

I have decided to show a selection of my tags, these I make as I go along with the offcuts from my cards.  I hate waste and so if I cut a bit of card off (usually to make it square) I use what's leftover to make a tag.

This is also a way to use leftover die cuts and to use up test pieces
This blue and white tag was a test piece for a text background stamp and some blue embossing powder I found when laying out my craft room.

The remainder are simply made using scraps, what  do you do with yours?



  1. Morning John, hope the mopping and drying out is finished now. I love your tags (especially the blue one) ~ it's a super way to use up your odds and ends. I keep mine in boxes, according to colour with the intention of using at a future date. When the boxes get full I take them down the road to a nursery group where the children use them for their pictures and collage.
    Maggie x

  2. Hi John, these are all so lovely and very cleverly put together from your left overs, great creativity.

    Hope the house is getting back to normal after the flooding, Kate x

  3. Hi John. Sorry to hear that you are still mopping up! Love the tags, the blue one is my favourite. Take care.

  4. You are certainly inspiring me today John. All my bits, like Maggie, go into the relevant colour box and get pulled out for bits and pieces or matts but I think some tags would be a great idea for using up some of the bits and would be a change for my table at the church fayre this Autumn. I hope by the time you are reading this that you have dried out and can start playing with some of your new bits. Best wishes Jackie

  5. Hola John
    Sorry you're still clearing up. Hope you get sorted soon.
    Ooh, answering a question seems to be a risky business these days but I'll chance it as its you hahaha!
    Like Maggie above, I keep my scraps in plastic wallets according to colour. . . . .I never throw anything away. I keep even the smallest pieces to stamp sentiments onto if I just want a small strip rather than a die cut. Never thought about tags but yours are stunning, especially the blue one.
    Here's hoping for sunny days for you two and no more mopping!
    Ang x

  6. Hi John. Hope things are gradually getting back to normal after the flood.
    These are lovely tags and a great idea. I must admit I put all the left over bits in a box which is now overflowing but never seem to do anything with them - I just hate throwing anything away.
    Love Val x

  7. your tags are great ,nice so see greta ways of using scraps.Laura O

  8. Gorgeous, xxxx Tags not you LOL. xxxx

  9. John, you are so good using up your scraps to make tags. I'm afraid I don't keep any bits now. It got to the stage where I was keeping everything left over until my scraps were more than the good bits. Also when I decided to use the scraps I use to discover that there wasn't enough left over for what I wanted to do !!!!! So frustrating which is why I threw them all away. I should have posted them to you !!!!!. Hope your apartment dries out soon with little damage. Janice x

  10. Hi John,
    A lovely array of tags, great way to use left over pieces, I am quite good I put mine into colour coded plastic wallets use them on flowers etc.
    Hope you have finished with the clearing up.

  11. Hi John what a great idea making tags with the off cuts and they are lovely tags.I would never thought of doing this,and make the tag as you are making a card anyway.My craft stuff badly needs to be sorted as I spend half of my time looking for things.I need a craft room..Hope that you will not get anymore flooding.

  12. Great Tags John, I love them all.
    So glad to hear of someone else using up all their off cuts.
    Hope you get everything dried out soon
    Have a Great Weekend

    Patricia x

  13. Very inventive John I don't make that many square cards, so I seem to have narrower left overs, but I could still organise some like these. Thanks for the ideas.

  14. Beautiful presentation! Great idea with all those scraps. In fact, I have a few butterfly silhouettes that I didn't know what to do with and now will be making a lot of tags. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.