Thursday, 8 August 2013

Sparing Blushes with Cream and Blush

Good Evening All!

2 Posts in one day, this won't happen again promise there is only so much I can ask of my loyal followers I know! lol 

I thought that as soon as I got in from work I should replace todays card to spare some blushes however I thought I would just add another one and see which people prefer!  I finished this one in the last 10 minutes based on the suggestions made in the comments.  I dedicate this one to Mrs Duck again!

This is an exact copy(ish) of todays earlier card however this time I've made it in Blush and cream.  This is, genuinely, a quick card to make as It took me about 30 minutes and I was watching Flogit as crafting ( finish at 5:30 Spanish time which is 4:30 UK time so get to see some afternoon telly!)

Hope you all enjoy this one lol

John x


  1. Oh John, you are a sweetheart.
    This is much easier on the eye and the pink is bright in a nice way.
    This one gets an A.
    Ang x


  2. John. This is much better, as I said your design was lovely just the colours, now this is stunning even if you say it's a quick card it's gorgeous.

    I agree with Ang it get an A.


  3. Much nicer in these colours, xxxx

  4. I loved the concept of your card, have to say these are more the colours I could picture me making it with.
    I have also thought about doing similar in all white.
    Thanks for the inspiration

    Patricia x

  5. Hi John super duper this time love the colour and this could be made in any colour thanks for the inspiration,

  6. This is so pretty John and I love the layout. This colour scheme is my favorite one xx