Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Snowflake Tutorial

Good Morning Bloggers,

Here is my tutorial for the hanging decorations I made fore my guest spot on Christine´s wonderful Hope and Chances Blog.  If you missed the post then click here.

The decorations are all made using the supplied Spellbinders Dimensional Snowflake die, I understand Christine has some left in her Amazon Shop if it has made the top of anyone's Must Have List. 

These are simple, if a little time consuming, to make however it is well worth the effort and they will be adorning my Santa´s grotty this year! 

Firstly the Large snowflake in paper, for this one you will need 2 contrasting papers one of which needs to be a 200gsm weight card at least.
Cut four of the die shapes, 2 in each colour and score them, on the front, down the exact middle ensuring you run through the points at the top and bottom.
Next fold each die cut in half and glue one patterned or contrasting colour back to back against another piece, as per the picture.   Fold through the deeper colour on the tuck and fold sections to the other side.

The picture below shows one section folded in this way.
 When you have made two of these sections glue them together on the fold lines, in the centre, and fold through the remaining cut and fold sections.

  When unfolded you should have a four sided contrasting shape as above.  Using a threaded needle thread a piece of cotton through the top most spike and tie off, this creates your thread for hanging.

The smaller snowflakes are made in exactly the same way and could be made in any Spellbinders Snowflake die however without the tuck and fold you wont get the same contrasting patterns or colours.

Large Tissue paper snowflake.
For this decoration  cut one die in sturdy cardstock then layer up 8 layers of tissue paper and cut these in one go.

Next place the die cut tissue paper on top of the cardstock base and attach with a brad directly through the middle and fluff up the layers of tissue.

Or take 2 of the tissue die cut and fold in half then in half again and open up the folds.  Next fold opposing corners together and fold in the other 2 corners (this is really had to describe, hopefully the pictures will show this)
Once you have four of these folded pieces then glue one quarter to one quarter of the base die cut, repeat until you have all four lined up.  where these join I hid the centre point using a plain gold brad.  Finally pull the top point from each quarter to the middle and glue together in the centre then simply fluff out the tissue paper, repeat with one more and stick them back to back.

You can also use this method on cardstock which gives a full 3D snowflake however don't tuck and fold the pieces simply stick them down. 

I hope this can be followed as it makes sense to me but then I made them up so it would!



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  2. Hi John. I love these snowflakes, especially the tissue one. I will let you know how I got on after following your instructions. I hope it looks half as good as yours! Take care.

  3. I love the tissue one too. xxxx

  4. Thanks for the tutorial John ,i must say you have got lots of patience ,the tissue snowflake is very pretty .

    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  5. Just stunning John, fabulous Christmas decorations, thanks for the tutorial, very clear instructions, just need the patience now, Kate x

  6. Another great tutorial John, just need to get the die now. lol
    Thank you so much for leaving me a lovely comment on my blog about my card. Hugs, Jen x
    Krafty Keepsakes

  7. Hi John. Thanks for the tutorial. It takes an awful lot of patience which I sadly lack. The tissue paper ones are particularly pretty.
    Love Val x

  8. Hi John,
    Thanks for the tutorial, very pretty decorations.

  9. Thanks John, I have this die so will have a go asap and will let you know results. Janice x

  10. WOW John I need this die, your tutorial is so descriptive I bet they would turn out OK if I followed each step carefully. The tissue one looks so intricate I think it must need lots of patience.

    Wilma x x x

  11. Hi John Fantastic tutorial , thank you for all this inspiration now I will have to buy the Die.

  12. Hello John, many thanks for such a clear tutorial ~ I don't have the die but it's going on my wish list!
    Maggie x

  13. Hola John
    Gorgeous snowflakes matey.
    So these are going in Santa's "grotty" what? Lol! x