Friday, 30 August 2013


Morning all,

Todays post is a little late as we had a storm last night, I say storm it was more of a biblical flood (or at least that's what It felt like at the time)  water started pouring down the stairs and running in through the front door it was that strong!  Luckily the houses here don't have carpets etc. as that would cause a lot of problems with the summer heat!  Therefore last night was spent sticking towels against doors and a lot of mopping!

Therefore a quick post hope you'll forgive!

This card is made with scraps and leftover pieces from another project which just have to be used up!

Off to put another load of towels in the washer before work.



  1. John not good, nothing worse than water as it gets every where. As you say at least you don't have carpets. Hopefully that's it and the weather is better today.
    Love your card and colours and layout are great.


  2. Poor old you, I sympathise. Like you; when it rains here IT RAINS ! At least OH there to help with the mopping up - or is it a sore point?
    Lovely card today John,the backing paper especially caught my eye. Not a huge fan of 'parma violet' mauve - probably because I didn't like the sweeties - are you too young to remember these I wonder. But hey that is my problem. I don't criticise for the sake of it.
    Those yummie little aster dies are on order though.
    Stay dry
    maggie x

  3. love the card and the colours.These flowers are fab so delicate looking.Laura O

  4. Sorry to hear about the storm, hope things are drying out now. I like the way you have used the labels today, will have to remember that ~ I've added the aster die to my wish list (a long list!)
    Hope the sun shines for you today, Maggie x

  5. How awful to have your home flooded, I hope you didn't have too much damage.
    Lovely card and colour, beautiful dies designed so well, hope your day is better than yesterday, Kate x

  6. Hola John y Senor al lado
    Oh my word, you have been through the mill overnight. See, you would be much better off moving back here. You don't get biblical floods in Leicester lol! Hope that its sunny today and that the plague of locusts doesn't follow!
    Love your card as I love purple of any shade. Your background paper is great too.
    Got to get me them asters!
    Hope you have a better day today and give Wendy my best.
    Ang x

  7. My fave colours, lovely. We were on the roof last night turning the tables upside down before the wind took them. xxxx

  8. John, considering you were battling a storm last night I'm amazed that you were able to do a blog at all !!! So well done you. x Card is really nice - a good way to use off cuts. Sun is still shining here in Kent. Hopefully the rain will stay in Spain !!!! Janice x

  9. Pretty card, even if it was made from leftovers! Hope you dry out soon.

  10. You have my sympathy ,i was flooded 6 years { not nice } hope you dont have too much damage John.

    A beautiful card i love those asters i really must get the dies ,so they go to the top of my Christmas list .

    Take care
    Elaine H X

  11. Hi John. Love the colour of this card and must get those aster dies.
    Yes, it was a terrific storm last night. It came through my utility room ceiling and like you I had buckets and towels everywhere. Fortunately it couldn't get to the rest of the house as there is quite a large step leading into the kitchen. I've just spent a couple of hours drying out. Woken up to clear blue skies and hot sun again but more thunder is forecast for later, so hope the towels dry in time.

    Take care John.
    Love Val x

  12. Hi John you poor thing water all over the place,lucky it did not drown your new "stash"
    Love the card.

  13. Hi John,
    Hope you are dried out now, good job you don't have carpets.
    Great card love the colours you have used. I too love the aster flowers they are so pretty.

  14. Hi John, sorry to hear you were 'waterlogged' last night, hopefully you are getting back to normal now. Your card is lovely. Hugs, Jenx
    Krafty Keepsakes

  15. Lovely card and color ordination. Great flowers and design. Hope your ahead of that water today. Not a fun thing to deal with when it starts invading your home. Best of luck to you John.

  16. So sorry to hear of your flooding John. Hopefully it will not repeat itself and then you worry about getting a post done??!! Wonderful way to use up bits and pieces. Best wishes Jackie

  17. Good evening John hope you have managed to get cleaned up. I know what you mean about the flooding, we used to live in Turkey, we got the same thing now and again. Water used to come in our balcony doors till we got Double Glazed ones fitted.

    Brilliant card love the colours, flowers and the great layout
    Have a Great Weekend

    Patricia x

  18. Hi John. Sorry to hear about your flood. I hopeit's all drying out well now. Lovely card, I love all shades of purple, and the astersare so pretty. Take care.

  19. Hello John

    I am so sorry you have been flooded and yes what a blessing you have no carpets! You see there is an up side to everything sometimes you just have to look hard for it! :)

    Hope all is sorted now. Today's card is lovely what a love background and the purple is just my sort of shade. Very nice indeed.

    Oh! BTW Ang said that you had sent the box I never received it and you must have been thinking how unkind it was of me not to thank you. I had said to you not to send it that I had entered for a bit of fun as it was sending it to England, so I just thought you had agreed. I am so sorry John it never occurred to me that you had sent it and it hadn't arrived! Sigh! It might still arrive you never know Spain and England I know have problems with the post between them! Thanks anyway! :)

    I hope your weekend goes well with no rain!
    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx