Thursday, 8 August 2013

Eh Up Me Duck!

Morning All!

"Eh Up Me Duck" is a greeting often heard in Leicester where I lived for over 10 years (before moving to Spain)  As todays card is for Ang (AKA Mrs Duck) I thought the title appropriate.  The reason I have named this one for Ang is that I feel you need sunglasses to view it and Ang is the queen of bright (possible clashing :-)) colours!

Todays creation is quite simple and is another in a series I made using Spellbinders Labels 18.  I do tend to have favourites for a period and try everything I can think of to use it.  Last week Spellbinders Labels 18 was the die de jour (can you believe it Colloquial midlands and French! maybe I should try a post in Spanish next)

I hope you like the simplicity and colours of this one as it certainly caught me eye.

Especially at Margaret's request I am now, where possible, going to include the sizes of my cards.  This one is A5 (folded sheet of A4 PMD red Card) the teal mat is 2cm shorter and the red panel is 1cm shorter. 



  1. No me gusta lo siento. There's some Spanish for you. I would love it in pastel shades. xxxx

  2. Bet Ang will love this card, just up her street. Like you I have spells of favourite dies and mine at the moment is Grand labels four. I like bigger cards, usually 8 x 8, will have to give A5 again.

    Wilma x x x

  3. Great card right up Ang's street
    I love the concept will probably try it in paler colours
    Have a great day

    Patricia x

  4. Hi John,
    Well I love the concept but its way too bright for my taste, it wold look lovely in softer colours.

  5. Hi John. Very bright colours but I think it really works.
    Was going to call in yesterday as I was at my solicitors just around the corner from the shop. Sadly the meeting went on for two hours and I had to rush back home. Will try again.

    Love Val x

  6. Well John, bright I may be, colourblind Im not. . . . . Red and teal? Too left field even for me so have to agree with Wendy and no me gusta lo siento for the colour combo but I like the actual structure of the card.
    If you're coming back to Leics on your jolly I'll meet you at Fosse Park and take you over my knee!

    1. Sorry Ang what seems like light hearted banter at 1am when posting seems a bit rude in the cold light of day! Happy to accept my punishment!

      John xx

  7. You tell him Ang. I have heard of 'A bridge too far' but really John! Not funny!

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  8. Ang will really like your card im sure ,

    Errrm I have trouble with English John ,so please please no French or Spanish LOL

    Elaine H X

  9. Well it is a lovely design John but perhaps I would tone it down a wishes Jackie


  10. John it's a good job we all know Angs work, but she is even saying its a bit much, it's a lovely design, but maybe just a tad bright, but as I say everyone to their own. I bet there are a few out there who would love the colours. Then again you have to try these things.
    On the whole I love the design.


  11. A lovely card John, Janice x

  12. Hi John I also love the design ,the teal is a lovely colour but not with the red ,sorry.

  13. Eee John
    I know that you didn't mean any offence. . . . .if I thought that, I would do more than take you over my knee lol! Think it amounts to a joke that kinda went wrong and I feel a bit guilty that you're getting stick now (only a bit mind!)
    Im only about 10 miles from FP so if you're up for a coffee and a slap so am I hahaha!
    Lets all chill now. Still like the style of the card. You can redeem yourself by doing it again in non clashing colours! x

  14. Meant to say, you will probably know Indigo on the Melton Rd if you're a Birstall Boy. If you don't, its a fab restaurant if you enjoy vegetarian Indian. The lunch buffet is yum! x