Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bracket Box Tutorial

Happy Sunday Guys!

Sorry this post is not at my usual time unfortunately my day job and evening job ran together Friday and Saturday so in the last 48 hours I have worked 31 hours!  I have set Tuesday for the Tutorial on the Decorations I made for Christine at Hope and Chances so I thought I should share the box from yesterday today.  As usual the prototypes I make are usually messy so I have made a neater version for the tutorial and decorated it slightly differently.  Once you have viewed the tut I am sure you will be able to alter the box as I have in these pictures.

The basics of the box is that the flap for each side is 6cm from fold to the tip of the bracket.  This can be made as 4 separate sides attached to a square for the lid as in method 1or as in the method 2 below.  The simplest version is to make the flaps and lid separately which is how I made the first version as there is less measuring.

Method 1 - Cut four of the bracket borders on strips of card then measure from the tip of the die cut edge back 6cm.  On each piece score and cut a 2cm flap, with 2 of these pieces cut from the end loops to the die cut edge at the 6cm point.  The other two pieces need to be scored along the end loop and 6cm line.  I know this sounds confusing but hopefully this picture will show what I mean.
For the middle cut a square 11.2cm by 11.2 cm and attach each of the 2cm flaps to the reverse of this square ( measure your die cut pieces and if they are differ form my measurement of 11.2 alter the square to match)  It is important that all of the decorative flaps are the same size you can cut one and use it as a template if this is easier.

Using the side flaps stick the four decorative flaps to make a box lid.

Method 2
Step one measure out a piece of plain A4 cardstock to the following 6cm , 11.2cm, 6cm then using one of the cutting dies from A2 Bracket Borders place this against the first line ( by measuring each piece at 6cm and placing the die against this line cuts the edge slightly less than 6cm however if each side is cut the same way they will line up.  Run the sheet through your die cutting machine and emboss.

Next repeat the above for the other side then, using a craft knife, cut between the edges of each die on the sides.  This picture shows the sheet of card before cutting between the lines.

Next cut 2 side panels measured at marking the card at 6cm, again by placing the die on the 6cm line it will line up.  the four cut pieces should now look like this

Fold in the score lines and flaps, to make the box edges neater cut away the decorative part on the the ends that is on the flap.  Glue the sides to the flaps, using a wet glue gives better strength and allows you to make the piece to line it up.

There you have a lid!  For the base you will need another 2 sheets of A4 card (again I used PMD 240gsm card)

Measure the first piece to 24cm x 13cm and score down across the piece at 2cm, 11cm, 11cm next score along the long side at 2cm from each edge.  Cut the small squares out where the corners would overlap. 

Cut one piece at 11cm x 11cm and one further piece at 24cm x 11cm on this piece score at 2cm and 11cm and fold.

Glue each of the 2cm flaps and stick box together, I've tried to describe how to do this however it´s probably best to follow the pictures...

Honestly this seems a very complicated system but I promise once you have got it it is easy and quick!  I would suggest using method one as this is an easier version even if it does use more cardstock!

If you have any questions please email me using the button above and I will reply (time permitting!!)



  1. Good morning John. Wow, you have had a busy schedule and still come home and put together post, you must be running on adrenaline. Thank you so much for these instructions, they will be so useful. Have a good rest, best wishes Jackie

  2. Hi John. Many thanks for the detailed tute. The box is so pretty.
    Have a good day off today and try and relax.
    By the way I was a winner in the Sue Wilson draw today - yeh.
    Love Val x

  3. Good morning John, thank you for taking the time to give us this brilliant Tutorial.
    I don`t have those Border Dies but I do have others I will use
    Will give this a go if I get some free time today.
    Thank you and do not overdo the working and Tutorials you need time for you!!!

    Patricia x

  4. Hola John
    I usually make mine out of one piece so I don't get in a pickle as I always have A3 card in my stash for the bigger ones. If yours saves card, will have to have a proper read when my head, nose and throat allow for more concentration lol! x

  5. Hi John,
    You must be worn out after your marathon work stint. Take it easy today. Great tutorial thank you.

  6. great job showing this box ,will have to try .Laura O

  7. hi John thank you for a fantastic tutorial,I love the brown and cream you used to day,and the tag is stunning.
    Please,Please have a rest today.

  8. Hi John ,thanks for the tutorial i will have a go with this on Tuesday when i am on my own,{ no distractions from hubby } and i may get it right .

    Have a good rest
    Elaine H X

    PS nearly forgot congrats to Val for winning a gift from Sue Wilsons Draw x

  9. Hi John, many thanks for a super tutorial! I love the colour way of today's box. Hope you can enjoy some 'me' time after your marathon shift!!
    Maggie x

  10. Hi John. Great box and tag, and tutorial. I will have a go later in the week when I have the time to concentrate on getting it right...I hope! Take care.

  11. Fabulous box and tutorial John... I will have to give this one a go

    Sue x

  12. Hi John, absolutely brilliant tutorial. I will definately have to have a go at this one, especially for Christmas. I will try to slot it in somewhere in my diary and if and when I do it, I will post on my blog and hopefully it will be as good as yours. Thanks for taking the time to do it. Hugs, Jen x
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