Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Wendy House Box Tutorial


The naming of the box contest was won by Heather who suggested the name Wendy House Box  Congrats and thanx I will send one of these out as a prize if you send me your address (use the email me button unless you want everyone to know where you live!)

This is the tutorial for the box I have chosen to show the Tall Blue box however the measurements can be scaled up to any size!

The basic measurement is in thirds, for example on this box the main body is 10cm whilst the fold top is 5cm.  The size of the base / bottom is not important however to make a rectangular box I use one third measurement for the base for a square version use two thirds. Hope this makes sense!

Make the box from one sheet of heavy duty cardstock, plain or patterned for this box the sheet measures 22cm x 20cm.  Measure out across the long side at 2cm then every 5cm and score these lines.

Next mark 5cm from each of the shorter side, hopefully this can be seen in the above picture, and score these lines.

Cut each of the 5cm lines up to the first cross scored line and cut out the rectangle in the corner (the smallest one)  hopefully the picture shows this better.  Decide which die to use as the window and place this just above the bottom line in the second panel, this ensures the flap is not visible in the window.

Once cut adhere a piece of acetate behind the cut window.  Then stick the flap to the other side using a wet glue, double sided tape is not strong enough! 

Glue down each of the base flaps as shown in the picture making sure that the final flap stuck down is the one that folds from the front.  This gives a nice neat line on the front.

Next pinch the two sides with the window facing you (I really am struggling explaining this one)  The idea is to fold the sides in to a point where the front and back tops line up.  Hopefully this next picture gives you a better idea...

The score line at 5cm across the top will make this easy I tend to fold in the two sides across the fold line which ensure the box stays square.

For the holes for ribbon I use my Aldi Belt hole punch (it was cheap and relatively heavy duty)  and just punch through all layers at the points I think they should go!

Finally decorate your box as required I edged the window with liquid pearls and added ribbon and die cuts to decorate.

I hope this makes sense any questions please email me! I've added a picture of mixed boxes more tutorials to follow,  Enjoy...

Quick addition, The winner of my House Of Cards Design Team candy is.....

Jannice - Picked by The OH by phone from the U.K. Last night! (Still the 15th Heather just lol thanx for the reminder)

Jannice if you email me your address I'll send the goodies straight out!


  1. Good Morning John. Up and about too early today as the cats decided on an early breakfast. many thanks for todays tut. I don't normally make boxes but I reckon I could manage this with your great instructions.
    It was lovely seeing Wendy and all her gorgeous goodies yesterday.
    Have a good day.
    Love Val x

  2. Great tutorial John. Did I influence the name I wonder?xxxxxx

  3. Hola John
    I love making boxes and its where my Hougie comes into its own.
    Congratulations Lady R and Jannice. x

  4. Congrats to the winners , a great tutorial John Thank You

    Elaine X

  5. Hi John, Hope I am the winner although I only spell my name with 1 "n" Janice. If not oh well here's hoping for next time!!!. Congrats to the winners. Thanks for the tutorial John, it's like having a personal instructor. Janice x

  6. Thank you John, They are lovely and so useful to have in stock. Congratulations to Janice

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  7. Hi John,great tutorial I have never made a box,but will try this.Thanks for the inspiration,congrats to the winner

  8. Well John, you've been busy whilst I was away for a few days. Thank you for the instructions for your boxes, what a variety you have shown. best wishes Jackie

  9. Oh! My! Word! John........thank you for all your hard work on this Tutorial.
    Are you some kind of "engineer" ........????
    Great boxes to have in stock, definitely will have a go at this

    Patricia xxx