Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Tutorial Time (again!)

Hi Guys,

I've been working as fast as I can to get the tutorial for this box on as quickly as I can as the response for it has been really affirming.  Sorry if the pictures are not usual standard I simply took them as I worked rather than staging them as I usually do!  Enjoy

To create this box you will need:-

2 sheets of sturdy A4 cardstock
1 sheet sturdy A5 Acetate (I use printable acetate that is used in offices)
Spellbinders Elegant Labels four die
Glue etc!

Step 1 Measure first piece of cardstock to 19cm x 27cm and cut out.  Next Score along the short edge at the following measurements, 1cm, 10cm, 18cm.  Along the long edge score in 1 cm from each edge.  In the pictures I have drawn in the lines so that you can get a good idea of the way the measurements go.

Next mark a point that is 3cm in from the short edge and 9.5cm in from the side.  I have marked this in the picture (if you look carefully)

Place the middle die from the elegant labels die set up to this point.  There is a natural point on the die and run this through the GC (it needs an A4 Machine for this.  If you have a smaller machine cut a front panel 19cm x 9cm and mark, cut the same way then attach this panel to the front.

In the picture I have shown the wrong die DO NOT use this one use the next one down, I have tried and cant seem to replace this pic with the right one!!!!

Next on the 1cm seam allowance cut up to the main section on both sides and fold.  This will start to look more like a box and should, hopefully if you used the right die and not the one in the picture, look like this one...

Cut 2 side panels 9cm x 8cm and one of the biggest die shapes using the next size down in the centre.  This should give you pieces that look like this...

Using a wet glue (I use Anita's Tacky Glue as it seems to stick anything to everything) stick the die cut 'lid' onto a sheet of acetate and cut out around the shape.

Next mark and score the REVERSE of the piece at 3cm from one long side and fold.  You should then have a piece that looks like this...

Stick, again using wet glue as double sided tape is not strong enough, the 'lid' to the 1cm flap at the back opposite the die cut lip.   The piece should then look like the next picture with all four sides stuck together in one long strip.

 Add the sides sticking them to the 1cm flaps that are there for the purpose.

Finally decorate you box however you want.  I always place a piece of patterned paper on the base and back of the inside of the box to hide the joins and flaps.

Finally the recipe for the Caramelised Onion Relish.

4 Kilos of white onions peeled and sliced
1 Dessert spoon Balsamic Vinegar
1 Dessert Spoon Red Wine Vinegar
75 g Butter
1 Teaspoon salt.

Melt 2 thirds of the butter over a very low heat in a heavy bottomed sauce pan and add all the onions.  I always add the final third of the butter on top in small cubes.  Add the teaspoon of salt and place on the lid, adding salt to onions make them release their natural water and stop them frying or browning.  After 30 minutes give the mixture a good stir then, replacing the lid, leave on a low heat for another 2 hours.

After 2.5 hours cooking time remove the lid, add the vinegars and gently simmer for a further 30 minutes until all of the moisture has evaporated.  Add to sterilised jars and keep in the fridge for months!

I use this as a base layer on my quiches (I have an emergency Something Different Saturday Piece on making my caramalised onion quiche ready to go when I am short on time)  It is also realy nice served with cold meats and strong cheese and goes down great at Christmas!

I will leave this post as It is for a couple of days then I plan to move it to the tutorials page. (sorry if it's too long) Enjoy...


  1. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, this is a brilliant Tutorial. Easy to follow, I will certainly give it a try when I get time. Would look great in Christmas Colours to hold little Jars of homemade goodies, bags of cookies or sweets.
    I am sure you have been an "Engineer" somewhere in the past.
    Thanks again

    Patricia x

  2. Lovely-can't wait to give this a try. Not sure my efforts will look anywhere near as good as yours but your instructions seem simple enough for me to try.


  3. Hola John
    you did confuse me at one point with the die but these blogs seem to have a life of their own if you want to change anything.
    Don't think my effort will look as good as yours either but I shall look forward to trying the chutney!
    Have a good day. x

  4. Great tute shan't bother with the box I shall just go straight for the chutney! LOL!Thanks John.

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  5. Thanks so much for the tutorial John, followed by a recipe...wondered what was going on at first but I have printed this one out for my sister in law as she is always making chutney!!
    Best wishes Jackie

  6. Great tutorial John. I'm definitely going to have a go at the beautiful box.. The relish sounds delicious. I have all those ingredients in my fridge. I've made some veggie burgers for tea to have with salad and I think that would go really well with it. Hope it turns out well.
    Love Val x

  7. Hi John , not only do you give us a fantastic tutorial of your fab box but we have the chutney recipe too , well thats 4 of my Xmas presents sorted , Thank You !

    Have a good day
    Elaine H X

  8. Thank you for the box tutorialand an added bonus the onion relish. You do spoil us.....lol.....Many Thanks again.

  9. Thank you very much for the tutorial, will have a go. Janice x

  10. Oh Wow what a wonderful box this is and I will be following your instructions John to make it.... it would look really good filled with chocolates ... though they wouldn't be in there for long xx