Friday, 19 July 2013

Thanks Margaret!

Morning All!

Todays card was made last night to say a Heartfelt thank-you to Margaret from France who comments on my blog via email every day.  We have some really good crafty and other conversations.  Yesterday I received a package from her in France containing Spellbinders Adorning Squares die. She had been given one as a gift and already had it so she sent it to me.

I have used the die to make this card to say thank you, I hope she likes it the colours are a little bright (as per Mrs Duck) but I thought the contrast would work best.

I cut the smallest, next smallest and the next die up (using the spellbinders system #1, #2, #3)  I cut the square in each colour five times then used the next piece as either an embossed design or a die cut.  The interesting thing thing on this die is that it has a tuck and fold section.   

This next picture shows how I have arranged the dies better.  I used alternate colours and cut the smallest of the dies with either the centre piece or without and used a pearl in the very middle of each one.

This was finally finished with a strip of printed Thank You ribbon and a Wendy Hat Pin.

Hope you all, especially Maggie, Enjoy...


  1. Hola John
    So you think this is bright eh? Ah Grasshopper, you have much to learn lol!
    What a lovely gesture from your crafting buddy and deserving of this fab card. It does show up as different colours on my screen. . . .lilac and pink on top photo and sage and cream on the bottom ones but whichever it is its tre bon!
    Im off to find a follower with a spare Aston Martin lol!

  2. Morning John,
    Love the concept of the card, but the colours are not looking very good on my screen they are very washed out looking, I'll imagine them as bright pink & lilac.

  3. Hi John. What a lovely gesture from Margaret. Beautiful card. loving the concept.The blue and pink show up really well on the top card. Cute little pearls of course and one of Wendy'a beautiful hat pins.I'm going to look around to see what other square die I've got to use.
    Hope you're keeping cool John. It got up to 46 in my front garden yesterday afternoon - a bit too hot even for me!
    Love Val x

  4. Well John my old clapped out lappy has the colors spot on ,and beautiful they are too ,
    Love how you have designed this card John ,maggie will be right proud her spare dies have gone to a master crafter , who will make good use of them .

    Elaine H X

  5. Hi John, a lovely card, I really like the idea of the sentiment being on the ribbon rather then as a topper. Sally x

  6. Hi John, what a lovely way to say thank you to Margaret, very clever use of the dies. Best wishes Jackie

  7. Hi John how very nice of Margret ,crafter's are very giving people,the card is lovely,but the colours are also showing a bit dull on my screen,love the thank you ribbon.
    Stay cool

  8. Good morning John, Love, Love, Love it. Beautiful colours showing up perfectly here in Bonnie Scotland.
    I completed a card yesterday using "inches" made into card will keep mine aside for a while!!!!!! It is not quite as intricate and beautiful as yours.
    Very generous of Margaret, how sweet of her. She knows you will make great use of it which will delight her.
    Have a great Weekend

    Patricia xxx