Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday Mojo The Revenge!

This week it was my turn to 'resent' Wendy, Here is the selection...

After last week's presentation of pink handmade paper  I really felt I should serve Wendy a curve ball.  This is a selection of die cuts from Tim Holtz Bigz dies all cut in chipboard.

I honestly didn't have an idea what to make whilst I was cutting these after some serious pondering I came up with this...

This is my version of a Perspex clock.  I used a clear sheet of acetate to make a box and filled it with the cogs.  The front is, obviously, the clock face and the hands that actually move!  I stuck the cogs a different levels within the box therefore in real life you can see that some of these appear to be floating.

I decorated the die cuts using various embossing powders and alcohol inks building up layers of Gold, copper and Verdigris to give it an aged look.

I know this will not be everyone's (possibly no-ones) cup of tea but it was fun to do.  If I had had more time I would have taken this further and made a cover and perhaps decorated the box a little more It does look a little unfinished in my view.

See what Wendy came up with HERE

here are some close ups, Enjoy...

POSTSCRIPT...I got in from work at 1:30am this morning and decided to photograph the box I made to match / house the clock (sometimes it's hard to go straight to bed)  Therefore here are some pictures taken in the wee hours.  This post is late as the power was down when I got up at 8am so after going to the local market (nothing beats the fresh produce available here) I went back to bed!! 
This has allowed me to see what Wendy has made this week for once and I have to say I think she won, stunning stuff!!!  Enjoy...


  1. Once again, this is AMAZING, Well done you. xx

  2. Stunning John!!!!! Can't stop Wimbledon Final!!!

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  3. Hi John, its certainly different.
    Although Im not a steampunk fan, I can still appreciate the work and designing that has gone into this. x

  4. Good evening John, What a fantastic project, loving what you have done with all those cogs and clock.
    Great box for it as well.
    Well done you.

    Patricia xx

  5. Wow John this is amazing,I am lost for words???? the clock,and the box is fantastic,the textures,and colours , the way you present them is a work of Art
    I .was wondering could I rent a space in your brain for a week???????? and then I too could make something like this.

  6. Hi John, I wasn't sure about this as I was reading through though I could tell a lot of work had gone into it but when I saw the box, well it certainly makes the difference, well done you. Best wishes Jackie