Saturday, 27 July 2013

Something Different Saturday

Good Morning All,

Todays something different is, again, a box I'm afraid!  Whenever I receive a new die I look at it to see what 3D projects I can make with it.  I lot of the time this results in a box however this box was created a different way round. 

I made a batch of Caramelised onion relish and found these small mason jars to put it in.  As I like to give things like this as gifts I needed some packaging so I started by making the contents first then the box.

The box is made with Spellbinders Elegant Labels 4 which is one of my favourite die sets. I love the shape of the labels 4 and have stamps and allsorts in this range.  The stamp is from Waltzing Mouse Rescue remedies stamp set and I thought the label (Labels 4 again) looked great with the brand Superior Hand Baked goods.

I have added quite a few photos of this one to give you an idea of scale size etc. and will do a tutorial, hopefully next week, when I have time on Sunday to take the photo's. 

When I make projects like this I usually measure out the idea and the prototype therefore has pencil marks etc. on it.  so a new one is needed!

I hope you Enjoy...


  1. John, your box for your jars of relish is beautiful, and as for your jars the same goes. What a fabulous gift, a delight for any one to receive.
    Is there no end to your talents???

    Hazel x

  2. Hi John,
    A stunning box, a wonderful gift for anybody.

  3. John you are a man of many talents ,please dont be sorry to show us boxes , i just love boxes as i am sure many of us do , the box makes a gift extra special and we have {dare i say Christmas} that will be on us before we know where we are , and i for one will be scratching my head trying to make a nice box for a gift to go into.
    I think your box and little tag look absolutely fabulous i will look forward to the tutorial , please keep them coming all shapes and all sizes would be good .

    Take care Elaine

  4. Hi John. You make relish as well!!!
    What a lovely gift and packaged so beautifully. Looking forward to the tut.
    Have a lovely day.
    Love Val x

  5. what a talented man you are! These boxes and jars are so professional looking. They would grace any shelf with style and I'm sure anyone would be thrilled to receive this as a gift. Can't wait for the tutorial.I'm still on easy and Onion Relish.....emmmm
    Christine x

  6. I agree with Darcydaydream, so prof looking. Christmas gifts????

  7. John, is there anything that you cannot do???? Not only a superb crafter but can cook as well.... I bet your good at housework as well !!. I simply love the box and the idea of making something homemade to put into the box. Was the box sturdy enough to cope with the weight? Janice xx

    1. To be honest Housework is not my thing it bores me to tears! I am very lucky my Mum does my Washing and ironing and pops round every couple of weeks to give the house a clean! perhaps that's where my craft time comes from lol
      john x

  8. What a lovely looking box John, it definately would make a great present of any kind. I know that I would love to receive this box with anything or nothing in it. lol. Hugs, Jen :-) x
    Krafty Keepsakes

  9. Hola John
    what can I say except, stunning! You are in the wrong job!
    Can we please have the recipe for the chutney? I make my own green tomato chutney and lime pickle and yours sounds yum! x

  10. Hi John I agree with all the above comments,the box is stunning.If you have time can you give us the recipe.