Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Its Wednesday, time for a quickie!

Good Morning,

Honest Mrs Duck this has not become a dodgy website!  As my regular followers will know Tuesday is a double shift day for me with a really late finish.  Therefore its time for another quickie!

This card is the one I teased my Design Team post form yesterday.  I made it in the same colours but this was an also ran as It didn't contain the three colours required!  It wouldn't do for me to break the rules would it!

Enjoy, longer post and new design tomorrow, promise!


  1. Hi John
    I really like your card today ,and the way you have scrolled down with the pearls, Wow what a clever idea and as usual i just love your bow .

    Elaine H X

  2. I agree with Nattyboots, the way you have used the pearls drops along the honeycomb looks great. xxx

  3. Ah, shame. . . . . I only pop by in search of dodgyness hahaha!
    I too am liking your cascading pearls.
    Don't work to hard. x

  4. Hi John. i love the shape of the card. What size is it? Does is open tentwise or longwise? If tentwise, do you cut a slit in the top for the ribbon? Beautiful pearls. I went to buy some yesterday and they've sold out! i bet they're all in your craft room. Beautiful colours and bow. Do you have a bowmaker? lots of questions today!!!
    Love Val x

  5. I wondered where the bow was on your card yesterday with the glimpse you had previously given but now all is explained. despite the challenge this is still a very nice card, most unusual design. Best wishes Jackie

  6. Lovely card John, clever idea high-lighting the background hexagons. Janice x

  7. Hi John love this card ,and the pearls cascading is a very clever idea.

  8. Hi John,
    Very unusual card, very effective way of using the pearls.

  9. Good evening John,
    Another great card, a wonderful colour combination, loving how you have used the pearls.

    Patricia x