Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I Don't do Christmas in July!

Good Morning Wonderful Blog Friends,

Todays Title, which is a Technique Tuesday Honest, is based on the fact I had decided Not to do any Christmas stuff in July!  I'm quite funny with Christmas and each year pick a theme that goes across all the cards, decorations and gifts that I make and although I have kinda decided this years colour scheme this would not be shown until everything is done and shown early December when I put up my first of many Christmas Tree's (which of course match!!!)

However I realised there was nothing stopping me showing my trials and test cards and other ideas.  Maggie from France asked when the box and card, from Saturdays post here, would go live as she would like to use this for her Christmas fayre stock.  This prompted me to remake and shoot the tutorial as a set of Christmas cards so here goes...

As the tutorial for this one is quite long I have added a separate page for this one so

CLICK HERE to be linked to the Tutorial

The box lid is made using Spellbinders Enchanted Labels 28 which is what determines the size for the box and the cards.  The cards are 11.5cm by 7.5cm smaller cards than usual however I think that a nicely made small card can really stand out on the mantle piece!

I hope you will forgive me for Christmas in July but as Maggie makes and sell for charity I hope you will both forgive and... Enjoy...


  1. Hi John
    What a lovely boxed set of cards. Thanks for the tutorial - really clearly explained. I don't have that die, but I'll be checking to see if one of my other dies will work just as well.
    Thank you.
    Anne O

  2. Great tutorial-think even I could follow that. I'll have to adapt it to suit my dies but I can't wait to have a go. The folding box looks even better.


  3. Hi John
    Thanks for a great tutorial ,i am going to get my housework done double quick today and then have a play , i have not got this die but im sure i will find something that will do the trick,
    Your Christmas card and box is so so festive ,i made a lot of small cards last year and all the recipients were overjoyed .

    Enjoy your day
    Elaine H X

  4. Buenos dias John.
    Stunning box and as for the cards, there is the phrase "size is not important" LOL!
    Love red and white as a combo.
    Feel free to link back tomorrow. Think you must be covertly viewing my craft room with Heather hahaha!
    Have a good day. x

  5. Morning John,
    Very festive, like you I don't do Christmas until later in the year, just can't bring myself to do it in July,
    Thanks for the tutorial very clear details, easy to follow.


  6. John your box and cards are beautifull. Love the red and white combo.


  7. Hi John, I have been making cards for Christmas off and on all year. Sometimes it's nicer to do a couple then forget about Christmas, have a break by doing everyday cards etc, then go back and make a few more Christmas cards. That way I feel you stay fresh with ideas. I cannot think of anything worse than starting say November knowing that you have to make 30 or more Christmas cards all at once, especially if like me, you have a brain that decides not to think up anything creative, so you end up making cards that you don't really like, but as you are short of time they will have to do. I love the box and cards that you have made. Red and white, always a firm favourite at Christmas. Janice x

  8. Hi John the C word is difficult at the moment as we have 28 degrees here in Cork to day.The box and cards are fantastic,the colours are fab., my hubby has been saying for weeks make a red and white card lol
    The tutorial is very easy to follow thank you for the inspiration.

  9. Hi John. What a beautiful box and cards. Great tutorial, really easy to follow and what a lovely gift it would make. I am a bit of a traditionalist and really prefer proper Christmas colours. I have so many ideas going around in my head for when i get back to crafting again and most of them are from your inspiration - so thankyou.

    Love Val x

  10. Wonderful project John, you have made a fantastic job of that easy to follow tutorial. Thank you taking time to do that.
    I for one will be having a go once the temperature drops a little.
    Making cards is easy but trying to work things out in this heat would be pushing it for me.
    Gosh the next thing we will be complaining about the rain or cold. Never happy are we!!!!
    Have a Great Day

    Patricia xx

  11. What an absolutely beautiful box and card John, I will most definately be having a go at making this. Hugs, Jen :-) xx
    Krafty Keepsakes