Sunday, 21 July 2013

Excuses, Excuses!

Good afternoon!

Sorry it's late, sorry it's not my usual standard, sorry!!! lol

Left for work yesterday at 08:30 and got home at 02:00 this morning (Sunday) so I had no time to make my Sunday mojo project ahead of time, especially as I ended up working Friday night as well!  I know excuses, excuses!  I have cobbled this together in the last hour but didn't want to let Wendy or my lovely blog friends down so here is the quickie version of Sunday mojo!!!

My turn this is what I gave, I thought I would be nice this week as Ita was joining us however the post let us down and she didn't get her goodies!  Planning to send some new stuff for a date in September so will give you plenty of time Ita (I'm hoping it becomes a regular thing as I'd love to get my hands on some of her embellishments, if you haven't seen these wonderful creations click here!

And this is what I made, hope you like will try harder for tomorrow!  Let me know heather if I have to do lines (Must try harder, must try harder x 100)

Take a look at what Wendy has made HERE she has managed three creations!! lol

Take Care,

John x


  1. WOW you're a busy man John. How you get any crafting done is beyond me. You make me feel tired just thinking of all that work.
    Anyhow, I love todays card.Pretty good to me and it was rushed? Great idea (which I've never thought of and will probably steal)with the calender.Wendy's tres flores look so lovely.Once I learn to make them i know they'll be on all my cards - not the male ones mmaybe - be all the others.
    Have a good relax for the rest of the day.
    love val x


  2. Love what you have done with your mojo project, lovely fresh colours too.


  3. Hi John, this is a fabulous creation... I just love the design and all the fab detail too.
    Huge Hugz from your newest follower and Hobbycutz teamie, Lorraine x

  4. Hola John
    Half asleep me thought the first pic was your card hahaha! Doh!
    We will be confusing folk, me doing timid colours and you doing non filigree.
    And you keep your hands off Ita's embellishments. . . . . She's probably a married woman!

  5. Oh! John! As if!! I do agree with Ang I am sure there is some law against you handling Ita's embellishments even if they are on display. There is no need to apologise on my account this posting every day is at times unbelievably hard. Although that said like you I am not free to craft all day every day like some so there are efforts that I too am not so happy with but hey we do it because we care about our followers so my heart goes out to you on this!

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  6. Hi John lovely card and I know pink it not your colour, and you are working such long hours,so well done to make this.
    I do not mind at all that you want to get your hands on my Embellishments, Mrs Duck and Heather you both are very naughty lol lol .