Saturday, 13 July 2013

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

Happy Something Different Saturday Everyone!

I am continuing my theme of Boxes after Boxes!  Todays are the same style as I made a couple of months ago however this time I will do a tutorial for them.  I have made them in different sizes, styles and colours.

Firstly the tall blue box...

I have used both boxes as packaging for different candles, the rose on this box is cut with Bitty Blossoms.  The tag is a leftover from tomorrows Sunday Mojo tune in tomorrow to see how this is done.  Sunday Mojo was made early this week as OH is over today so I always like to schedule my posts, by Monday I will be having craft withdrawal!

Here is a side view...

Next is the fatter green and turquoise box (paper from My Minds Eye)  This one I have used to contain a stack of fragranced tea lights.  I'm not 100% happy with the contents of this box but I love the look of the window!

I have used a matching ribbon and buttons as embellishments as the paper is quite busy enough.  I edged the sides and the tag using tumbled glass distress stain to give an antique look to the piece,  Kinda like old Victorian wallpaper, love it or hate it!

Not sure what to call this style of box, answers on a postcard please.  Actually whoever comes up with the best name will win one of these as a prize!

Tutorial next week,  Enjoy...


  1. How fantastic are these boxes? ,i love the way you use the buttons as a decoration, { must get my button box out } Name the box? Well it looks like a house to me so thats what i would call it

    The House Box

    Have a nice weekend

    Elaine H X

  2. I would call them Wendys Christmas Present box!!!!! Lovely, xxxx

  3. How about a Wendy House! ROFLWLIA!

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  4. Hi John,
    Button box could be a good one. They are lovely.

  5. hi John the boxes are fantastic,I would call the last one the Bird Box.

  6. Hola John.
    Another fabulous offering from La Casa del Lockwood.
    Beautiful papers. I think the official term is a milk carton box but as they are so pretty and you are in Spain, I shall plump for La Bonita Caja.
    Ang x

  7. John, what a busy bee you have been!! These boxes are wonderful. Love the idea and the way you have made each one slightly different. Janice x

  8. These are Great John and I just love how you used the Cut Out as the Tag on the Green Box.
    "John`s Fantastic Boxes" is what they are, not matter what else they go by in the "trade"
    Look forward to the Tutorial these are the kind of things I love to do.

    Patricia x