Monday, 24 June 2013

We all Make Mistakes....

Good Morning,
Todays offering is a collection of what I would class as my mistakes just to show we all make them.  I wan´t going to post these cards but I thought what the hell we all make mistakes.
The first offering is not my usual style at all, it feels a little old fashioned to me however as Mrs Duck said on her post, which can be found here, "Some folks almost seem embarrassed by using these sort of bits and bobs to make cards but I think they are lovely still, even though I have got a bit more advanced now.I guess what I'm trying to say is, a lovely card is a lovely card, whether its taken you 10 minutes or 10 hours and whether you have used equipment costing £1 or £100. As long as we all find a bit of joy in what we do, its all good.  I wanted to post this to show that we can all have great ideas that just don't translate or that just because a card doesn't look modern or right now, it can still be a nice card.  The ideas started by me cutting a Marianne rose die with red felt.  I liked the way they looked and felt that a simple card would show them off.  I embossed a piece of Core'dinations with a floral folder and sanded it adding the roses on a tag with a felt heart.  To me this is a little old fashioned however not everyone is 'into' the same styles.

To my mind I haven't made the best of this one .

Next is this offering in blue and purple, this shows, to me at least, that even with the latest dies and styles we can still make ugly cards!!!!

  To my eye this has been too heavily worked, I really should remember that less is more!  I used too many die cuts and stamps and really there is enough stuff here for 2 or more cards!

I hope, perhaps, todays post it might make all of us feel better about the ones that don't work!!!  Something new tomorrow, thanks for the messages and suggestions am over the worst now and just need to start eating again, might make a cake,


John x


  1. Hello John

    I do hope you are feeling better and more yourself today!

    I agree with Ang and yourself. Even though we all evolve with our crafting in different degrees we all make cards every now and then that we know don't work. I still post mine as I think it is good to do so as everyone looking is at a different level and will have a go at different things. The current 'Fashion' isn't always a good thing!!

    I like your first card quite a lot and I think just because your card making has evolved in a different direction you should still feel proud of these creations. You put part of you together with a lot of time into making them!

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  2. Love the first one, the second one mmmm not so sure, too dark for me I think. xxx

  3. Hi John, glad you're feeling better but Im not sure cake is the best way to go unless its an Imodium cake with Diorolite frosting!
    Yep, we all have different tastes and I for one, love your first card. It looks classy to me rather than old fashioned. I see what you mean about the second one but I do quite like its boldness.
    Keep up the fluids and rest. x

  4. Morning John,
    I love your rose card its simple and elegant. The second one, maybe its the colours you have used I think in pale or all white it would look okay.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Hi John

    Hope you feel more yourself as the day goes on,

    I have to agree with Lydia about the second card , a different color would have worked i think , but after saying that i think the colors you used make a great man card .

    As for your first card ,i think its beautiful, when i make a card that im not sure of and someone else likes it , i call it a Happy Accident,
    and you made a very happy accident

    Take care John

    Elaine H X


  6. Good morning John, I to like your first card and don't think it as old fashioned, maybe it's an age thing but it has got that elegance that makes it stand out. Your second I would say it's the colours being to dark and as Lydia was saying made up in all white would change it completely, I think it would be stunning. We all look back and think (did I really think that was great!) but we all have come on in our crafts. I for one have changed how I put my gift basket together. Glad you are feeling better I do like Angs description of the kind of cake you should be making.

  7. Hi John, sorry to see you have been unwell but glad you are on the road to recovery. I like the first card, looks elegant. The second one.....I think it is the purple card, to my eye the doesn't really go with the blue shade you have chosen but there is nothing wrong with the design. Best wishes Jackie

  8. Hi John, both cards are lovely. I think I prefer the first one as the colours and design is more my thing. Hope you are feeling better now. Janice

  9. Hi John glad to hear you are feeling a bit better.I like the first card best,the second one I think it is the colours,I like the design,we all make cards that do not SING to us when finished,it takes me so long to desing a card, and O.M.G. do I make a mess, stand back and say no or yes I find the ones I say no to ,I just put them in my mistake box lol,but as you all say we should show them.
    Even Sue Wilson has cards that go in the no box.