Friday, 21 June 2013

Third time lucky!

Hi All,

This is the third time I have typed this post as my net has been playing me up, nightmare, therefore just a quick one.  Todays card was made for hazel at work to send to her daughter as she is moving house,. She wanted something in a fifties style with ice cream colours.  I think I managed the second but not the first, pastel blue and pink but not really very 1950's!

The card is made of layers of die cuts in pink and baby blue all from DoCrafts spots and stripes collection that I got in a goody bag earlier this year and hadn't even opened.  These are not really my style and colours and the photo really does not do this card justice.  The sentiment and border are both form Waltzing mouse and are stamped with versamark on baby blue cardstock and embossed in detail white.  Each layer is mounted on foam tape giving lots of dimension but this does not show on the pic.  a quick post I know but I hope you enjoy...

Also I received quite a few questions regarding the die I used for the wedding cards last Saturday I tried to reply however I'm not sure these went out properly(net problems again) so here is a link to it!  If anyone of my lovekly crafty friends have questions please feel free to email me using the button on the top of my blog and I can ensure a reply goes out!


  1. Hi John.
    Don't know about the 50s as that was well before my time but definitely ice cream colours. I don't usually do pastel either but still a fab card.
    I had tracked the die down but thanks for if heads up. x

  2. Hi John,
    A lovely card again,i use dots very often to be honest but i have never thought to use big and small dots on the same card , i will certainly be giving this one a go , love it

    Elaine H X

  3. Lovely John! You need to remember to click save every so often then you would have not had to retype it several times.

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx


  4. Love this card, the pastel shades are beautiful, now I am a 50s child but can't tell if this is 50s style but it doesn't matter as its all lovely.


  5. A pretty card John, lovely to welcome somebody to their new home. Janice

  6. Hi John, and sorry you had such problems. I don't think any of us would know now how to get by without our computers would we so it is so annoying when they go wrong. Well I'm a 50's child as well but I can't remember what was in style then!! but you have made a very nice card. best wishes Jackie