Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday Mojo

Hi Guys,

not much to write about this weeks mojo as have been suffering from either a stomach bug or food poisoning and really lacking energy.  Please click here for Wendy's blog for more details.  Ill try to update this post later but at the moment need to go to bed!

This is what I gave Wendy...

And this is what I came up with, hopefully more later, enjoy...


  1. You have done a good job, very pretty. Drink flat coke, good for tummy upset. Xxx

  2. A lovely transformation John, hope you feel better soon. Janice

  3. Hi John sorry to hear you have a bug,you poor think,rest and lots of fluid and add a little salt to it.
    Love the card.

  4. Oh John, been there and its not good. Agree with Wendy, flat coke or Sprite or if you have any fresh ginger, slice it up and steep it hot water for 10 mins. It tastes like battery acid but does settle the tum.
    Love your pic and Wendys. Amazing what you have both done with a plain frame.
    Please don't feel chastened by my post. It was only as I felt terrible that someone was apologetic for using these kind of bits and I thought you shouldn't have to apologise for making a lovely card. The ones I posted today were from last year before Spellbinders took over my world and reminded me of my humble start in card craft.
    Hope you feel better soon chuck. x

  5. Should have said drink the ginger tea rather than eating the soggy ginger. x

  6. Poor thing, hope you get over it soon John. Maybe not if you follow Mrs Duck's advice before she amended it Heh Heh.

    Love what you have done with th frame and now popping over to see what Wendy has produced.

    Take care, drink plenty and it will soon pass hopefully.

    Wilma x x x

  7. Hi John
    This is another blog i nearly missed { i am wondering if i get on your site too early, Time difference ?} or could be that im having a senior moment haha.

    Anyway im sorry you are poorly, i think the frame is so cute you did well

    Take care
    Elaine H X