Thursday, 27 June 2013


Good Morning,

Todays creative exploit is, quite frankly, stolen!  I have made, through my blog, a lovely friend in France called Margaret.  Margaret emails most days with comments on my offerings and lovely chatty bits about her life and crafting.  On Monday she had a marvelous idea for a die cut / card based on a die Sue Wilson had demonstrated on C&C on Sunday.  Unfortunatly I didn't see the show as wasn't feeling well but to describe her idea Margart sent me the following photo. 

I LOVE this idea, colour combination and the styling and decided, post haste, to nick the idea and so came up with this card...

Then yesterday, today as I type this Margaret emails me her finished card with her Idea.  I have, with her permission, showcased this here.  It is, IMHO, better than what I did with it so I really think todays post should be especially for Margaret... Enjoy...


Hi all just a quick one, just now as I was cutting the gold dies for my promised tutorial the handle on my Grand Calibur snapped off in my hand! Does anyone know where / how I can get another handle as I only have enough cards left for a few days!!!!  Its only been 10 minutes and I'm already lost without my GC  Don't want to have to buy a new one, and not sure funds will run to it!!!  John xx


  1. John here is a link which may help with your Grand Calibur

    Love the cards today, I know I buy dies and don't know what to do with them and use the blogs to get ideas, so helpful.

    Wilma x x x

  2. Hi John,

    Im pleased Wilma has come up with a link for you, isnt it good how we can help one another,through a blog?

    The cards today are beautiful, i must admit i am a bit of a Magpie and steal every idea i like from other peoples blogs ,and its great to do a card out of my comfort zone and see a lovely creation that i have put together,

    Im away for a couple of days John will catch up on Saturday
    Take Care E

  3. Ooh, I could try this with my Butterfly Magic die, hmmm. . .
    All of the cards are smashing.
    What a bummer about the handle. I think Oyster Stamps used to do replacement parts, not sure if they still do. I believe Spellbinders are supposed to be helpful but not sure how quickly they could sort you out.
    Best of luck matey. x

  4. Beautiful ideas.
    That is partly why I stick with my Cuttlebug, too many GC break, xxx

  5. Hi John,
    Maybe Christine Emberson can help you, she do so for me when I had a problem. I kept my cuttlebug when I upgraded to the GC .
    I do love the cards today .

  6. John
    Sue wilson helped me straight away when I asked where could I buy new handle she sent one free of charge as she had got some to send out in case of breakages.
    Love your blog look everyday.
    Bye Christine s

  7. Hi John, Christine Emberson can help or alternatively contact spellbinders direct. They were very helpful when I needed a spare part. They sent it to me free of charge. Card lovely - one that I will steal as well !! Janice

  8. Hi john first the grand calibur, you e.mail customer services in Spellbinders they will organise to have a new handle sent to you free of charge,I have broken my handle twice and they have replaced it, no problem I think this is a fault with the G.C.
    Will look up my contact and will E.Mail you.
    The card is stunning,this Die I have lots of problems cutting even with Was paper ,It cut's around the edges but it is Impossible to cut the middle.Love the colours you have used ,how did you do round bit????

  9. Hi John
    Sorry about your GC was going to offer advice but you have it sown up I think. I have to say I don't really like this die it is a little too heavy for ny liking I prefer the more delicate ones. However nice card and LOVE the color you have used!
    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  10. hi John, bit late today as I have been busy all day partly in the garden and partly as I have 4 friends coming over tomorrow for a craft day I thought I'd better tidy the place up a bit - you know how it is. We take it in turns to set a project or two provide lunch etc and generally have a very nice day together. One project tomorrow is with a cut fold and tuck die and all the things you can do with them so should be fun. I saw Sue Wilson demonstrate on Sunday and liked the effect she achieved and I think you and your friend have produced equally good samples. If Ita happens to see this, SW on one of the demos she did spoke about putting a piece of card in the middle of the die to act as a shim to make sure all the die cuts so perhaps she could try this. Best wishes Jackie

  11. Fantastic card I love the idea of the cut out. Must have a go at that.
    Sorry John have not been on your Blog for a few days but Man!! what stunning cards you have done. I am loving them all.
    Happy Crafting

    Patricia xxx