Saturday, 8 June 2013

Something Different Saturday

Good Morning Happy Crafters,

Todays something different really is different, today I present....


I have been shopping and bargain hunting to create a craft room for weeks, every charity and second hand shop has been scoured to find exactly what I wanted.  Finally everything is together in my spare room and so tomorrow (today when you are reading this) will be my first day of using the facilities!!

Firstly my desk, which I have had for ages and used as a dining table (note to self start looking for new dining table)  Next to this, on the left is a bargain cupboard I got form the local cat charity shop for €5.  This fits all my 12 x 12 paper with box's from Ikea on top where ribbon, flowers etc is stored.  Under the desk is s set of plastic drawers donated by my mum, I think it used to contain her hairdryer / straighteners etc.

 On Top of the desk are 2 sets of craft drawers that I purchased from Aldi for €9.99 each.  The first set holds alcohol inks, Embossing powder, pearls and gems and brad, buttons etc.  The next set is colour coordinated holding Ink pads, ribbon, flowers and embellishments in primary colours.  These also hold charms and random sentiment stamps so I can just choose the right words rather search through different sets.  The large drawer at the bottom has my  larger ink pads, versamark, archival etc.

Finally my bargain cupboards, 2 sets of 2 cupboards bought for €50!  These were from a shop that is closing down and are fantastic quality, shop fittings have to put up with a load of heavy use.

I have added some pictures of the insides of the cupboards, eagle eyed readers may spot the Die cupboard (there is a shelf of embossing folders it's not all dies!)

I know this is not the usual post I do however I've spent the last few days getting my room together so thought it would count as something different!  Back tomorrow with the Sunday Mojo and something, properly, crafty!



  1. Its great seeing craft rooms, yours is very organised. Wish I could say the same although its nice having a room just to craft in.


  2. Its great seeing craft rooms, yours is very organised. Wish I could say the same although its nice having a room just to craft in.


  3. Hi John. Love the bargain craft room.Very envious of your die shelf. It looks so tidy puts mine to shame. Will it stay tidy or are you a messy crafter like me? I astound myself at times as the rest of my house is so organised yet i walk into my craft room and it looks as though someone has broken in and ransacked the place! I just keep the door very tightly shut.
    Have a good weekend.

    Love Val xxx

  4. Im envious, very envious it must be lovely to have a craft room,and yours looks so organised .
    So as you might have gathered , i have not got a spare room and have to use my dining table , ooo i must win the lottery then i can then buy a bigger house { Happy dreams }

    Elaine H X

  5. Love love love it and I am sooooooo jealous, can I come and play please? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Wow John, you have a nice big room to play in! Im in our box room so with the book shelves I spread up rather than out.
    I used to keep my dies in their packets but got fed up shredding my hands on any sharp bits of the plastic. They now live on magnetic sheets (not the expensive ones) in a photo album.
    Can't wait to see the first creation from your room and those wedding bits you have mentioned. x

  7. John, are you a neat crafter or is it just looking this tidy because it's new?. I try to be neat, but because I get engrossed in what I am doing the workspace becomes smaller and smaller until I finally have to stop and put things away before I can do anything else !!. My husband fitted out my craft room for me so I do have lots of cupboards and worktops to work from. I have 6 shelves that I store all my card and 12 x 12 papers, as well as magazines and books. I also do knitting and sewing so I have a ottoman full of wool, and another full of materials. My sewing machine sits on top of one worktop so I can use at anytime. Also I have to have the computer and my husbands business papers/invoices etc. So the craft room is not all mine as I would like it to be. Look forward to seeing your next project. Have a good week. Janice

  8. You must be feeling very proud of your crafting space.It all looks pristine! I use a spare bedroom which doubles as an office so like Ang says I go up. I do clear down and put away everything after each project so I know straight away if anything has gone missing.

    Two things (3 actually) I am proud of are my two towers of A4 drawers that are all the colours of the rainbow so one set has all the different coloured A4 papers in their appropriate drawer and the corresponding colour in the tower next to it has all the embellishments, ribbons, gilding wax, glitter etc in that colour so when I want to craft with a particular colour I just need to go to two drawers, so much quicker when I am in a hurry and only have a small amount of room!

    The third thing is my craft desk that has drawers each side one side takes my 12x12 papers an absolute Godsend. I so need all this now I have started a blog as it is so time consuming isn't it?

    Enjoy your space and create some more masterpieces!!

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  9. So organized...puts mine to you enjoy your new space...x

  10. Oh good heavens! You put me to shame John, I have been tidying my room for about 4 months (lol!) and I could never get mine as great as yours! Any chance of you popping back to the UK and sorting mine whilst I'm here in Majorca?

    Hugs to you Sue Pxxx