Saturday, 22 June 2013

My Photo's


Todays something Different is in answer to a lot of questions I have received regarding how I take my photo's.  One comment was regarding how this persons pictures (I'm not saying who 'cus I don't agree I think her pictures look great) make all her cards look flat.  Therefore todays blog post is on my homemade Light box and how I take my pictures.

Firstly I do not use any expensive equipment, My camera was a gift from the OH for my birthday however as a canny Yorkshire man I don't agree with wasting money so this was less than £100 and not an SLR or anything fancy.

Secondly the light box cost less than €30!  (don't you love the Chino shops, guess in the U.K. we're talking pound shops and the ilk)  I thought I would start with showing a card pictured flat on my desk...

This is a card I made simply to try the inked embossing folder technique that I showed on This Post earlier in the week.  How I have photographed it does make it look a little flat and uninteresting, although you cant see how messy my craft mat or desk is so bonus there.

The light box is made with an old table we had outside around the pool so it took a real battering.  This is stood on an old desk in the built in wardrobe in my craft room.  I simply draped a white sheet over it to cover the sides, top and back.

Next I attached a large sheet of white paper to the back of the table draping down  so that it touched the front.  This is so that there is no seem in the pictures, this makes a great blank canvas to photograph against.

Finally I use four spotlights, one on top, one each side and one at the front.  This makes a really bright light although I haven't got I quite right yet as I want to remove all shadows!

This is the box lit up...

The next picture shows the card placed in the box, I have added some props to add interest to the picture.  I search charity shops, my craft stash and even my own home to find things that will match the cards I show.  I always try to find items that match in colour or style the item I am photographing, its amazing what you can find.

Once taken the picture is usually flooded with an orange cast light therefor when I load it into my PC (I use Picasa 3) I correct the colour and contrast using the built in options in the program.  Next I  straighten the image as I usually take them wonky finally I crop the image to remove the edge of the box and make the card the focal point.

This, Final image, shows the finished result although it doesn't sound it, it is cheap and simple. 


Supplies List for Card
Spellbinders - Gold Labels 4, Labels 4,
Waltzing Mouse Stamp
Embossing Folder Creative Expressions
Card & Ribbon from stash.


  1. Hi John, wonderful insight into how you produce such beautiful photos of your cards, well worth the effort as they always looks so professional. Love the way you take time to add a few bits and pieces to enhance them. Beuiful card too, lovethe colours and deign.

    Wilma x x x

  2. Very well explained. I will have to set one up,trouble is we will have no tables left round the pool. Lol.xxxx

  3. Hi John,
    I have been looking at your blog for weeks and much admired your beautiful work; besides by way of your blog list you have introduced me to such equally beautiful work that has inspired me every day.
    At 76 and still working full time (it keeps the grey cells working) I now find my very concentrating working hours interupted by thoughts of such lovely yhings to do with card!
    Thank you for the tips on beautiful photography, too.
    Lis x

  4. Hi John,
    This is my first comment on your blog, I wanted to say that you have produced a great tutorial on how to get good results on your photos. Love your card today, just my cup of tea,
    Best wishes from a cold and rainy England.

  5. Hi John
    You have so many Talents, and explain it all so well { Just as it is , so that we can understand it } Thank you .

    A beautiful card again i especially like the shades of color and of course your bows are perfect .

    Elaine H X

  6. Thanks for that John. Wish I lived somewhere with a pool I could nick from, lol.
    Beautiful card as usual too. x

  7. John, thank you very much for the insight into how to take a decent photo... Just one question.. if you have mirri card in your project or acetate how do you not get the glare of the flash or lights? Janice

  8. Hi John what a fantastic tutorial on how you photo your cards,this is important I think, as most of us can not touch or feel cards on the different blogs,and a your cards always look so alive,does this make sens e ????
    I have no swimming pool lol so will have to look for something to try your system,is is very good of you to share the system to us.I love the card.

  9. Most interesting John, especially the little touches you add to enhance the picture. sadly no pool here though plenty of wind and rain!! Lovely card today. really like the colours. Best wishes Jackie