Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Especially for Ita

Hello All,

Todays offering was made to help me create a tutorial for Ita from Ireland.  She asked how to make the filigree hinged cards I have been featuring recently.  Whilst there are loads of tutorials in blog land I thought I'd have a go as well.

Firstly here's the card...

And here is the tutorial!

1, Take a piece of card (I use at least 220gsm card) that is at least 1 inch longer than the size of the die you want to use and fold the additional inch over using a score board and bone folder. 

2, Tape the fold onto the top of the die making sure that the edge of the die that cuts does not come under the joins.  See the picture for what I mean it's really hard to describe.  Basically you want to make sure that the hinge isn't cut.  If you look at the picture carefully you will see that I have made sure that the very top edge of the Spellbinders Enchanted labels 28 is above the fold on the card.

3, When cut and removed from the die you should have a piece that looks like this...  The filigree sections are all cut however the fold is still intact.

4, Cut a full version of the die cut and stick it on the front of the hinge section (I'm really hoping you can get this from the pictures as I know the description is a bit weak)  you can use a further die cut inside to disguise the line where the front is adhered.  The reason for putting the flap on the inside is so that the back of the card has a nice finish and is embossed the same as the front.

Finally if you got it right it should stand like this, all you need to do is decorate the front of your card! 

I've used  Spellbinders gold labels four which I used for the letter press technique with the middle embossed and coloured using the same technique.  If you want a tutorial on this technique I'll try to get one on here by the end of the week.  I finished the front with one of my usual messy bows and a hatpin from Wendy.



  1. Thank you for the tutorial John, these hinged cards are lovely. The card today is gorgeous. Love the letterpress technique and embossing. Look forward to your next tutorial.

    Wilma x x x

  2. Hi John
    Thank you for the tutorial. Now makes perfect sense to have the hinge! I will definitely give this a go! And yes please, I'd love to see more tutorials.
    Thank you for sharing such lovely cards.
    Best wishes
    Anne O

  3. Really elegant and beautiful card. The setting for the photo is wonderful too, I love that flower! Great job. :)

  4. Hi-i know understand what to do, thanks, would love to see more tutorials as your cards are great.


  5. Well done, looks like you have a new job.xxxxxx

  6. Another fab card John and great staging again. Thanks for the tutorial too. x

  7. Hi.
    Great card and tutorial, well done.

  8. Hi John
    Thank you for the tutorial,

    Bit i have to strongly disagree with you John, NO WAY ARE YOUR BOWS MESSY you are just the best bow man , your bows are beautiful ,as is your card today ,Thank you

    Elaine H X

  9. John, what a lovely idea. I guess you could use a lot of your dies this way. Clever to have a fold over bit first, as I guess, that would stump everyone on how to have the two pieces attached. I will definitely have a go at this design. Thanks. Janice

  10. Thank you so much John for the tutorial for this card, will have to give it a go. Best wishes Jackie

  11. Hi John so are so sweet a big thank you for the tutorial,I now know what to do,I have not used this Die enough and will try today.Your card is stunning, and your bow is not messy it is fab.,