Thursday, 13 June 2013

a Man Card ?!?

Good morning,

Men's cards are not my usual fayre however when I say this stamp set from Waltzing Mouse (Told you I did go a little mad spending on their site) I couldn't resist it! This is my first creation using this set, and I'm not really happy with how its turned out, however I  thought I'd see what my blog friends thought.

This is a gate fold card with the base cut and layered with Spellbinders Bracket Borders one.  The idea of creating a square using the die is one I pinched from the ever creative Mrs Duck, view her original here

The phrase I say old bean just appealed so much to me! so I put that inside (the first picture shows the inside and the right front)

I'm not sure I did the stamp justice but I'll keep trying! Enjoy...


  1. Fabulous! It made me laugh John the words on the card too. I think it is fine and yes definitely I would make it for a man.

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  2. Hi John

    Well i think its great ,Fab, stop on . I love it !!

    Elaine H X

  3. Hi John. Love the colours and the concept and great words.
    Love Val in Spain xxx

  4. I think you have done a great job John, we are all so critical of our own work aren't we? Best wishes Jackie

  5. Hi John, you pinch away!
    Glad you explained the first pic as I wasn't sure of the orientation and then the second pic made it clear.
    Great card for the fellas as they are an awkward bunch, unless they have a specific hobby.
    Thanks for your lovely comment today but Im sure there will be some Sue Wilson fans that won't agree, lol.
    Fab staging again. x

  6. John, whilst I like the stamp and sentiment I personally feel that the card swamps these. I don't know if it is the colour ways or the size of the card that does this, but it is just my opinion....please don't take offence. I find it extremely difficult to make cards for men unless they have an interest in anything. Keep up the good work. Janice

  7. Hi John I think the cars is lovely,and would make it for a man,your camera skills are fantastic,the little bottle and pen are superb.

  8. Good Morning John,
    I am going back through the cards I have missed on your Blog.
    I like what you have done with this one.
    I do not like doing men`s cards, I think you have done a fantastic job with this one
    Happy Crafting