Monday, 20 May 2013

Inspired by Ita

Good Morning,

I feel a real fraud posting this card, There is a story behind it!  One of my followers (and most frequent commenters) is a lovely lady from Ireland called Ita.  We have been emailing for a few weeks and Ita asked me for my advice on a card she was struggling with, as we all know sometimes we just can´t get the creation in our hands to match the idea in our heads I know how often that happens to me.  Well to cut a long story short I grabbed some paper and made a mock up of her card and what I would do with the same die cuts etc.  The card that Ita made was far better than my mock up but I didn't want to waste the die cuts so todays card is what I did with the leftovers...

The great news is that Ita now has her own blog and the latest card is stunning, please have a look HERE she's really talented, enjoy...


  1. I think it looks gorgeous and I do think I need to use that die of yours too please, xxx

  2. Hi John
    and very nice your card is too, how do you get your bows like that ? mine dont even come close however much i faff about with the ribbon.i will now pop over to have a look at Ita

    Take Care

    Elaine H X

  3. Hi John so sweet of you to mention me on your blog,you were and so very helpfull to me and thank you for putting the link on your post.John this Card is stunning I just love the colours you used,and yes the bow is super ,I know Sue Wilson uses seam binding, but the seam binding in Ireland is complete different.
    Hat pins and a the pearl cluster are lush

  4. Hi John,
    Beautiful card, and the bow is spectacular. Would love a demo for this.
    Chris X