Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Finally Found

Good Morning all!

I've titled this post "Finally Found" as I've been looking for a paper like this for, what feel like, years.  There is a story to this, when I was younger (about 20 years ago!) I worked at Next Interiors managing one of their Interior Departments.  Every fabric, wallpaper etc was grouped into collections, one that I loved immediately was called Passiflora.  This had an overblown Pink rose pattern on a duck egg blue (their name I'd call it turquoise) background on a woven linen fabric.  Whilst I loved this fabric it was, at the time, dated and not fashionable.  Within a year of joining the company it was discontinued and reduced in the sale, I think it had been in their range for years!  To this day I kick myself for not buying any, especially as it was eventually reduced to about £2 a metre (told you it wasn't fashionable!)

For the last few years I've been looking for anything that remotely matches the pattern and colour combination.  Finally a few weeks ago I found the new First Edition paper pack I've been using so much recently.  Here are the cards I made first with my special paper!

The reason I haven't blogged these before is two fold, firstly I wanted to do them justice with my photographs.  Secondly I intended to give this card to Wendy as her birthday card! 

I still don't think I have done the paper or the cards justice with my pics however as Yesterday (today as I'm writing this) was Wendy's birthday I've run out of time!

I keep a lot of my cards, not really knowing what to do with them or because I like to look at them sometimes (sad I know).  However with this card, as the paper has so much meaning for me, I really wanted to give some of it to someone who has really influenced my crafting and blogging.

I have added lots of pictures to this blog post and I fully understand if you find it indulgent but well I've enjoyed it, hope you too Enjoy...


  1. Hi John,
    What beautiful paper and I love what you have done them.
    Chris X

  2. Beautiful paper John, I can see why you're in raptures. The paper is so detailed that not a lot of embellishments are needed. Love the tiny key and beads. I bet Wendy was delighted.

    Love Val xxx

  3. Stunning cards John. The paper is fab. Life's too short not to indulge so you go ahead.

  4. Hallo John, I have come to you via Heather's blog and I really like the cards you are showing today, that paper is lovely. I have had a quick scroll through some of your recent contributions and know that I will have to make time to look at some more but in the meantime thank you. Regards Jackie D

  5. Hi John
    I dont know how you could give any of them away ,they are STUNNING ,if i had made them i think i would have framed them .
    The paper is fab and WOW im speechless .

    Beautiful just beautiful .

    Elaine H X

  6. Hi John

    I liked your work so much I advertised your blog on my blog so hope you will get more visitors like Jackie!

    I too loved this pattern Laura Ashley did almost the same one on the duck egg blue background and my granddaughter had curtains in her bedroom and still has a treasure box in this pattern but they did it a bit more recently than Next and it was very expensive then too LA and all that! You of all people should know it comes round again eventually.

    I love what you have done John really nice, if you need a recipient? LOL! Only joking!

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  7. I love it, love the one you gave me too last night and the 'bubbly' that arrrived with it. Thank you for mentioning that I have helped influence you, so sweet. xxxx

  8. John, what beautiful papers!!! They really are lovely.... you missed my birthday in May but maybe next year?????????. Only kidding I hope Wendy appreciates you!! Janice

  9. WOW WOW John the cards are stunning they remind me of Laura Ashley,I was big in to her when I was doing my house,happy days,I just love the way you presented them,and yes I would be looking at them too if I had cards like this

  10. These papers are a bit Kath kidston, lovely work Tracy x

  11. More stunning creations, I also love that paper, you have created some beautiful cards.
    Lucky Wendy receiving one of these beauties.
    Happy Crafting

    Patricia x

  12. These papers are lovely, and such wonderful cards. Sally x