Thursday, 16 May 2013

All White (`n Black)

Good morning all,  I mentioned earlier in the week that I like to cut all my new dies in either black or white when I receive them to see how they cut. 
 This card is one from the vaults with a mix of die cuts made in this way.  I decided, when I was clearing my scraps at the weekend, to see what I could do with these.  here's what I came up with...
Im not sure what to say about this, I'm not even sure what all the dies I used were, they are all Spellbinders I think, Ill run a competition on this one if anyone can identify all the dies I used they can have a card of their choice posted to the!  Enjoy...


  1. Hi John. Don't know what the dies are apart from the lattice which I've got, but they sure make a pretty card. Love the threaded ribbon.
    Have a good day.

    Love Val xxx

  2. Gorgeous card John. Best way to use all your scraps as they are not really scraps and can be made into something beautiful as shown, xxx

  3. Lovely card John,i think black and white always hits the spot and makes a statement ,

    Elaine H X