Wednesday, 10 April 2013

What More Filigree Birds

The original cards I made for the post Here, didn´t fit the box. 

Yesterday's post showed the correct version of the prototype however I was unsure what to do with the cards I made to go into the non- fitting box.  I found this box in my stash of packaging (I seem to have a habit of collecting odd box´s and packaging materials)  all I needed to do was make a topper to match and problem solved, another gift made, I just need more friends to give them to now lol.  Enjoy...


  1. Hi John, Love the box and the cards..:)

  2. Hi John

    A lovely idea to dress your box ,its really nice

    Elaine H X

  3. Hi John. I will love to be your friend cos they get such lovely gifts. The box is beautifully decorated. i have a craft room full of boxes i keep for "just in case."

    Val in Spain xxx

  4. hi John like val I will also be your friend, send any stray cards this way,this is a great idea to and love the topper.I find if I throw out things ,in a few days I need that item I had for ages and now it is gone lol
    Ita In Ireland

  5. A beautiful card John. Janice

  6. Looks great, such style, where does it come from? LOL xxxxxx