Thursday, 11 April 2013

Flower Power

Flower Power (ish)  Wendy (Next Door) compares our styles as her being flowery and me not however the more I check back on my past creations (something this blogging business has made so much  easier)  A lot of my stuff does feature a flower or two somewhere.

To acknowledge thi8s I have posted this card today, I have posted this card.  I have to be honest I really don´t like it.

The flower is a Tim Holtz Sizzix die cut twice and distress ink´d in scattered straw.  Bird Song paper (again!) a butterfly (Again!) and simple thanks a bunch, think I´ll give this one to Wendy!  Enjoy...


  1. Hi John. You can't go wrong with a flower and butterfly on a card in my opinion. Beautiful card.

    Val in Spain xxx

  2. Hi John
    Why do you not like it ? I just bet Wendy will .

    Elaine H X

  3. I do like it, I agree with Val Jones, cant go wrong with a butterfly and a flower. See you later. xxx

  4. A simple card but nice. Janice