Friday, 26 April 2013

Answers and Card for Ita

Hello,  I have had a couple of questions over the last couple of weeks regarding one of the dies I use.  I have to say how much I genuinely appreciate all your comments.  One question in particular is regarding this die which I use loads.  I have to admit I had quite a few problems with this one at first, I just couldn't get it to cut cleanly.  The answer, as you can see from the picture, is to add a magnetic sheet to the base plate.  With my big shot I always had to add a magnetic shim to get a clean cut when I heard that the new Imperial Gold dies needed one I thought I'd give it a try with my Grand Calibur and it worked.

I use a printable magnetic sheet that I got a pack of for £1 in a pound  shop in the U.K. last time I was over.  I hope this helps!

Secondly Ita said that she had the Imperial Gold One die and was unsure how to use it.  I have been using this in loads of cards recently, more of that next week, so I thought I would make a card for Ita showing one of my ideas for a simple card using the die.

 I cut and emboss this using the magnetic sheet technique.  If you let me know your address Ita I'll post this one out to you!  Enjoy...


  1. So professional, gorgeous, xxxx

  2. Lovely card John, thanks for the tip, although I haven't had a problem with this particular die, on the grand calibur, but it's useful to know for the future if my dies are misbehaving.
    Chris X

  3. Hi John

    This card is gorgeous, so beautiful , thank you for the tip , i shy away from these larger dies simply because i do have problems with some of the smaller intricate ones as it is .

    Elaine H X

  4. Hi. What a great idea. One to store in my mind for the future. The card is beautiful. Lucky Ita.

    Val in Spain xxx

  5. Hi John how very kind of you to go to all this trouble for me,a very big thank you,I will have to visit a 1 Euro shop (this does not sound right ,I still say pound shop)
    I am going to have a go with the die today. John all your cards are stunning,you like me are depending on buying on line and I miss not being able to feel the card.
    I am trying to start a blog,so I can show my very amature cards.Will e.mail my address.Hi to all your followers