Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Sunday Mojo #4


Firstly I would like to say hello to my new followers it's wonderful that people are interested in what I create.  The whole point to me of creating this blog was to get some feedback so thank you all for telling me what you think I genuinely appreciate your comments. 

Wendy next door and I have been working a challenge between us whereby we take it in turns to give each other a bag of goodies to create something with, this is what Wendy came up with for this week... Here

Its really not the colours I use at all and as with most of Wendy's challenges I was stuck however this is what I came up with, a box for Easter eggs!

The card has been used to make a box, the die cuts were curled into flowers with my handy hot glue gun some ribbon added and a very bright Easter gift is finished, challenge met even if I don't like the result !?!

Back later with my Easter offering, Enjoy...


  1. Crafting with a bag of goodies picked by someone else is a great idea to tax your imagination. Love the box of Easter eggs (yum) and the way you have made the flowers.

    Val in Spain xxx

  2. Hi John love the box and it is a great challange to have to use items someones else gives you,the colours are lovely.Patricia Howarth and I are trying to contact Val Jones,as Val has a problem with her G.C.but we do not have an e.mail address.,as Val has left you a comment,Val can you contact us please .
    Ita in Ireland

  3. A beautiful box John, the colours are stunning. Janice

  4. You have done me proud, another gorgeous project. I dont like mine either but i love yours. xxx

  5. Well what a good idea ,i love the box and the flowers especially .

    Elaine H X