Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Sunday Mojo #1

Wendy has set the first Sunday Mojo Challenge, I´ve called it that as the idea was to come up with a challenge that should keep our Craft Mojo Going!  Wendy has, as usual, set a hard one (for me at least)  I came home form work the other night ( I work in a bar 2 nights a week to support my Craft Habit) to find this on my windowsill.

As you can see the challenge is to use the bits Wendy has provided to make either one or two creations.  The scariest part of the bag was a sheet of paper that is obviously for decoupage, something I really do not usually like.  and some silver and gold fabric that quite frankly had me flummoxed!
I decided firstly to take the bull by the horns and decoupage the images, a real first for me!  I used the handmade paper for the background, some ribbon and a charm in the bag and I even cut some of the flowers fro the paper and decoupaged them. 

This was mounted behind a provided die cut and acetate and finished off with distress ink in purple and lilac.

I Have to admit I was not pleased with the results as the outside looked so plain, for once it actually looks better on the picture than in real life, so I started adding and this was the result.

The flowers were made with the fabric supplied cut into circles and heated to make it crinkle.

Finally as Wendy had asked for two I made a box using the Spellbinders Bracket Edge box and the final piece of handmade paper.  I decorated the box with die cuts and ribbon supplied by Wendy and a charm, cant wait to see what Wendy made with the same supplies, guess it can be checked out here!  Enjoy

Sorry the pictures seem a little messed up, can't seem to lay them out properly

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  1. I will give you 10/10, I think they are great, especially the box but I love the card aswell. Great job, I dread to think what you are going to give me. xxx