Friday, 29 March 2013

A BIG Thank-you

Hello,  if you look at the sidebar you will see I have added my favourite blogs, these are the ones I check every morning on my Playbook in bed before starting the day.  The first Blog I check is Hope and Chances run by the wonderfully talented Christine Emberson.  Christine has had more influence on my crafting, and shopping, habits than any crafter other than Wendy next door.  I can't count the number of Spellbinders dies I have purchased after seeing her excellent tutorials especially on Friday Die Day where she shows what to do with a different Spellbinders product ever Friday!

Recently she posted a picture of the new ribbon stand she had purchased for her studio shop ( a place I hope to visit next time I am in the U.K.)  The stand was full of beautiful ribbon, some of which I just had to have.  I emailed Christine via her blog and one week later a packet full of my purchases arrived, along with some freebies! 

This card is the first card I made featuring the green woven ribbon, a simple strip on the side and my first attempt on a ribbon rose since leaving college years ago.  The sentiment was easy I wanted to say thank you to Christine for going out of her way to supply me what I wanted based on a photo and email.

The card is large at 24 x 24 and is made with another double cut of the spellbinders expandable pattern die ( see yesterdays post)  it was then a case of adding some butterflies as I know Christine loves these, some foliage to balance the rose and the sentiment. Not as time consuming as it looks, Enjoy...


  1. So so gorgeous. Love your photo additions too - pine cone and leaf, really nice touch. That,s the artist in you!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thank you John for such kind words, I'm thrilled that my blog has inspired you :) x

  3. Morning John,
    I've just become a new follower after reading Christine's blog this morning. Your card is absolutely stunning. I'm sure I will enjoy visiting you each day.
    Thank you for the inspiration.
    Chris X

  4. Hi John. Just come through from Christines blog. Beautiful card. you are very talented. have put you on favourites so I'll be checking you each day. I also live is Spain and yes the weather is amazing.

    Val in Spain xxx

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  6. Hi John,
    Had to retype my post got my words muddles.
    Anyway I'm also a follower of Christine's blog. You cards look wonderful I have put you on my favourites list.

  7. Hi John, Yes we love Christine and all her ideas etc ,such a talented Lady,

    I have just had a look at some of your work too , and i will look forward to following you each day, I love the colours on your card and the little cone catches the eye .

    Take Care Elaine H

  8. Hi John next door this is Ita from Ireland,I also follow Christine's blog ,she is a very lovely lady,so helpfull and kind and her work is stunning,I like you follow the great Sue Wilson.I have just had a quick look,at your blog and you have stunning cards will,look again later when I have more time.I was very interested to see how you used the expandable die,I have this die but any time I have used it ,I am dissapointed with the cut,will have to have another go.Looking forward to folling your blog

  9. What a lovely fresh looking card - I'm sure Christine will love it!

  10. Hi, I am looking at your blog from a link from Christine Embersons blog. I look at her blog everyday. I have just come back from visiting her at her opening day at Gravesend, Kent.UK. She has some lovely items in her shop.... needless to say I couldn't leave without buying some things!!. She is also a very nice lady. I like your cards and what a clever idea to cover a box in paper like that. I will have to look everyday. Please check out my blog too - I do all sorts of crafts too. Janice