Tuesday, 4 December 2012

I Love Cheese!

I've kinda set a rod for my own back in that Last Christmas I Made all my presents for friends, hopefully more about that as it gets closer to the big day.  This has meant however that all my friend expected homemade gifts for birthdays.  So far I've struggled a bit but certainly did for my boss especially as I work in a card and gift shop so she has seen everything!  As I love Cheese and so does she I decided on Cheese scones and a box to put them in...  As I forget everything thought I aught to put the recipe down.

225g Self Raising Flour
50g Butter
50g Mature Cheddar
4 Tbls Buttermilk
Pinch salt & Pepper
Parmesan Cheese (to chuck on top. Simple

The box is decorated with die cut flowers from a gingham fabric and stamped butterflies and sentiment.  Paper is Do'crafts capsule pink



  1. Love your gorgeous box,fab papers.xxx

  2. This looks gorgeous John, You never brought me a scone but I am on a diet so just as well. xxxxx

  3. Look --- http://craftyourpassionchallenges.blogspot.com.es/

    They are looking for DT members